Land Development

In the last two years, Caledonian has acquired lots worth over $60,000,000 across Florida, highlighting our commitment to the local real estate market.
We connect builders, landowners, and investors, creating comprehensive property packages that maximize returns.
Our expertise enables us to manage risk and align with our investors’ financial objectives.
At Caledonian, our mission is to facilitate successful investments while contributing to local community development.

Scattered Lots

What Are Scattered Lots?

A scattered lot refers to a type of real estate development where individual lots are spread out across different locations rather than being clustered together in a single community or subdivision.
Unlike traditional subdivisions where all the lots are within the same neighborhood, scattered lot developments offer diversity in terms of geography, scenery, and neighborhood characteristics.
This can include lots in various neighborhoods, school districts, or proximity to parks, shopping centers, or other amenities.
Scattered lot developments provide a unique opportunity for homebuyers to build homes in their desired location, without being limited to a predetermined area. It gives the freedom to choose a lot that aligns with their lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

Diversification: By building on scattered lots, investors can spread their risk across different neighborhoods and markets. If one area experiences a decline, it may be offset by growth in another.
Market Potential: Scattered lots often exist in established neighborhoods that may have no space for large developments. These areas may already have strong demand for rental properties, which can increase the likelihood of high occupancy rates and steady rental income.
Land Availability and Cost: It may be easier and more affordable to acquire scattered lots than large tracts of land, especially in highly populated areas.
Potential for Higher Returns: If an investor manages to buy scattered lots in areas that experience high growth, the potential for capital appreciation can be significant.

Why Scattered Lots?

Scattered Lot Area List

Main Area

Sub Area

Central Citrus Springs
Central Ocala
Central Poinciana
Northeast Palm Coast
Central Florida Deltona
Central Florida Haines City
Central Florida Palm Bay
Gulf Coast Cape Coral
Gulf Coast Lehigh Acres
Gulf Coast North Port
Gulf Coast Port Charlotte