Realtors, sell Florida buildable land packages to your clients and receive a 5% commission

From the Desk of Seamus Brodie

Stuart, Florida

Dear Friend,

As you know it seems that everyone is wanting to purchase property in Florida.

But….do they just want to be part of the Florida boom and not necessarily own a property with all the issues that implies?

Caledonian has, for many years, been finding buildable lots for builders in Florida. During that time, we have found thousands of lots and have a unique sense of where they will be building next.

Caledonian has buildable land packages available in Florida, that builders will want to purchase in the future, for your clients to invest in.

Our packages allow your clients to purchase lots today and sell them to builders in the future at a considerable profit.

Land prices are all dependent on how desirable the area is. Our land packages start at $50,000 for a package of 5 lots that will become a hotspot for builders in the future.

Look how much land has increased over the last 20 years

For further information book a call and receive a FREE presentation on the Florida Land Market and how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Don’t forget we pay a 5% commission on all sales through realtors.