“Over the past 5 years, Florida land increased by 700%. That’s 8 times higher than the S&P 500″

Caledonian Land Initiative

Caledonian LLC is a real estate investment group with an emphasis on investment-grade land acquisitions located in the US and overseas.

Caledonian’s track record in land acquisitions has demonstrated an unenviable growth of 700% over the past 5 years. As this upward trend continues, discover why land should become an integral part of your investment portfolio.

Caledonian works with enterprise, institutional and individual clients.

Seamus Brodie – President, Caledonian LLC

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Land in Florida by the numbers

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Value increase of Caledonian acquisitions in the past 5 years
Lots transacted in one of our focus areas from 2019
Value of land purchased by Caledonian over the past 5 years
Number of people that relocated to Florida in the past 12 months

Florida Land Values

A single construction lot purchased in the early 1990’s for $3,000 now sells for over $100,000.

Growth remains strong: investment-grade lots purchased 3 years ago for $30,000 through Caledonian are selling today for $100,000+.

With demand from institutional investors and construction companies far surpassing demand, we expect the market to continue to deliver similar short- and long-term returns.

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The best day to buy land is 30 years ago,

the second-best day is today.” (Ancient proverb)

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