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Caledonian Land Initiative

All our land is for one purpose only – to be built on.

Whether the land can be built on today or land that may take up to 15 years to be ready to build as communities expand roads and utilities.

We DO NOT have land for an RV or for hunting or just wilderness in the middle of nowhere.

Our land is for investment purposes – you buy, you sell, you make a profit

Seamus Brodie – President, Caledonian LLC

Specialty Services

Caledonian specializes in searching for buildable land for our builders to build today or our investors to sell tomorrow.

Let us help you with your land search needs

Some of our Current Land Areas


Land in Florida by the numbers

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Increase in Value over 4 years
Total lots sold in Port St Lucie from 2019
Value of land purchased by Caledonian over the last 4 years
Number of people that moved to Florida in the last 12 months

Florida Land Values

An average vacant lot bought in the early ’90s for under $3,000 now sells for $100,000 or more. But it’s not just long-term growth: lots bought only 3 years ago for $30,000 sell for the same $100,000+.

Demand continues to exceed supply as major construction companies fight over lots to keep up with the demand for new homes.

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The best day to buy land is 30 years ago

second-best day is TODAY (Ancient proverb)

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