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Caledonian specializes in developing single-family homes (SFH) in Florida, for Build to Rent (BTR) portfolios through our partnerships with major builders.
Our unique program allows an investor the ability to select the precise locations, number of SFHs, and model sizes that best align with their investment objectives and portfolio-building strategies. This flexibility allows the investor to build their portfolio at their own pace and across different areas in Florida.
What sets this program apart is its unparalleled offering, providing an exceptionally lucrative opportunity for investors. With Caledonian’s expertise and the support of our builder partnerships, we can embark on building a BTR portfolio that suits the investor’s specific needs and financial goals
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After engaging in extensive discussions with various funds interested in Florida’s real estate market, we have identified a common challenge: the lack of expertise in navigating the region’s nuances, particularly in single-family home developments on distributed lots, and managing investments effectively.
We have also observed that while funds aim to achieve a vital yield after covering the cost of homes and expenses, they often find the required purchase price for homes unattainable. The running costs of the investment and property prices may not always align with the desired yield.

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